Trash. Waste. Garbage. Junk. Refuse. Litter. Clutter. Debris. Stuff. Rubbish. Leftovers. Scraps. Leavings. What do you do with it all? Most of the time you just need to roll up your sleeves. You grab some trash bags and pop it all in a garbage can. But sometimes you need something bigger to handle the job.

You really need a roll-off dumpster if: You’ve inherited Grandma’s house.

Most of us have experienced the sadness of losing someone we love. Memories intertwined with joys and regrets swirl through our minds and engulf our hearts. We are aware of their absence but the presence of others who share our sorrow softens the pain loss. Moreover, in the midst of the grief, hope can sustain. Significantly, people of faith have the added emotion of hope for reuniting at a time still to come.

When the flurry of activity surrounding service is over, other circumstances arise. For instance, you may have been blessed by your loved one to be in the line of inheritance. And you may have received many of her worldly possessions. What if that blessing includes a house full of its contents?

If you have inherited a house full of the worldly belongings of a family member, you’ll have to act. Specifically, you may need a roll-off dumpster as you sort through the things to keep and not keep.

inherited house clean out estate sale trash roll-off dumpster container

According to Life Storage blog, the process of handling the property and possessions comes down to three main phases. Financial. Sentimental. Clearing out the unwanted items. We added a fourth step – the estate sale. The sale will come in somewhere between donating items and filling up the roll-off trash dumpster.

Phase I – Financial. First, deal with the financial aspects of the home. Then look at the state of the mortgage, taxes, and title. Next, determine what you plan to do with house. Will you live in it, use it as income property, or sell it?

Phase II – Sentimental. In this part of the process, you will need some time to go through the mementos and other belongings. Some folks want to take care of this step quickly. Others find it takes months before they can deal with the emotions of going through the personal effects. As you go through this process, sort goods into four groups – keep, sell, donate, and discard.

Phase III – Clearing Out the Unwanted Stuff with an Estate Sale. The items you have sorted into the sell category are generally serviceable items of use to someone else. These include furniture, tools, dishes, appliances, knick-knacks, and artwork. Similarly, you may have inherited vehicles, farm equipment, and even animals. The list could go on endlessly. An estate sale is a good way to pass on goods to others while generating cash for yourself. The things that don’t sell in the estate sale can be moved to the donate group. (And given to charity.)

Phase IV – Clearing Out the Unwanted Stuff. Now that you have the belongings in four groups, let’s look at the last group. The discard group. This group may be piled high with furniture and appliances. Also with various and sundry “junk” that won’t fit in the standard trash can out back. It’s time to order a roll-off dumpster. These large containers can help you in Phase II, and can even speed up the process. If you have a dumpster delivered on site, things get easier. You can conveniently toss the things that are to be discarded into the dumpster as you go along. In doing so, you only have to handle the items once. The convenience of having a trash container delivered to the house makes a big difference. Get it as you start the clearing out phase and you will save a lot of time in the end.

Clearing it ALL OUT. One final thing to consider. Perhaps you inherited the property from a distant relative that you did not really know, You may want some assistance with the process. Maybe you are faced with the task to clear and sell a property. If, say, the property lies in West Texas, specifically in the Big Country, folks can contact County Waste Service. CWS will assist you in liquidating the property and its contents. Put the work on CWS and they remove the hassle. After all, they are in the business of getting things gone.

Another time you really need a roll-off dumpster is if you have been Marie Kondo’d.

I bet you’ve seen her show on Netflix – “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” If you’ve watched the show for very long, you’ve heard about Marie’s “KonMari” method of simplifying your surroundings. Marie’s method inspires you to approach your belongings in categories rather than room-by-room. She even has a special space-saving way she teaches you to fold/roll your clothes. Use her method when putting them into dresser drawers. They’ll be organized and take up less space.

Fold roll your clothes to save spaceThrough KonMari she encourages you to eliminate anything that does not spark joy. Her goal is to help you transform your home. And to do so in a way that will lead to serenity in all the spaces of your home.

Marie Kondo is the tidying expert and bestselling author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” She knows her stuff. In fact, Marie is listed among those on Time Magazines’ 100 Most Influential People in the World.

After watching all, or even part, of an episode of Tidying Up, you were probably amazed over how much stuff other people possess. Maybe even appalled they could keep so much junk and let it pile up in such ridiculous amounts.

Then, you turned off the show and looked around your own home, only to see that you too have let some ridiculous amounts of clothes, shoes, sports equipment, bags, blankets, keepsakes, Tupperware bowls, games, twisty-ties, magazines, toys, purses, unused furniture, and papers pile up in your house. You had to admit that your home could use a hefty dose of serenity.

If you have been KonMari’d, then you’re ready to find the joy that comes from tidying up. You may need a roll-off dumpster. A roll-off trash container will serve you well. You’ll clear away the clutter and take away the junk that keeping you from finding joy.

Are there other times you might need to rent a trash container? Yep!

You may need a roll-off dumpster if:

  • You want to turn the garage into a man cave
  • You have leftovers after the garage sale
  • You are spring cleaning – in any season
  • You are moving to greener pastures
  • You bought a starter house that you want to flip
  • You’re cleaning out the junk in the attic to make space for some new junk
  • You’ve been HGTV’ed into remodeling a room

Check back with County Waste Service and look for future blog articles to give you more tips. CWS can help with taking care of your trash after your garage sale, spring cleaning, moving, and man cave creation.

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