Environmental Waste Management


When you’re in a heavy industry like oil or renewable energy, you have enough on your plate on a daily basis already. It can be easy to let environmental waste considerations fall to the wayside if you don’t seek the help of a professional company that specializes in managing the waste produced by your field.

Here at County Waste Service, our professionals offer environmental waste management, garbage pickup service, hazardous waste disposal, and trash collection services that are tailored to your unique needs and schedule. We can help any company in Abilene, TX and beyond keep their environmental footprint as small as possible.

Our specialists can assist your crew with a wide variety of environmental waste management services, including the following:

  • Oilfield spills
  • Oilfield remedial services
  • Renewable energy waste: solar & wind
  • Site cleanup
  • Universal and special waste hauling

We can provide the services you need on the schedule that works best for you. Just call or contact us today to get started.

Why Call a Professional for Hazardous Waste Management?

When it comes time for hazardous waste disposal, it is vital you work with the professionals. Professionals have the knowledge and training to ensure the waste is properly disposed of. We take the time to get the job done right, so that no one has to deal with the cleanup and consequences later. Not only can the professionals performing environmental waste management help you avoid fines and lawsuits, but it is important to keep in mind the danger that hazardous waste poses if not disposed of properly.

Harm to Wildlife:

The more hazardous waste animals come into contact with, the more likely it is they will experience illness and serious harm.

Damage to Plants & Crops:

Hazardous waste can be dangerous if not properly disposed of. It can easily seep into the soil, damaging all crops and plants nearby. Plant life can be absolutely destroyed by poorly managed hazardous waste. Once the environmental waste has entered the soil, it becomes subject to the water cycle. Every time it rains, the toxicity will seep deeper and deeper into the soil until it reaches the water table. At that point, the hazardous waste can spread to nearby rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Water Pollution:

After the toxic waste has reached the water, the contamination becomes difficult to mitigate. Contaminated water is undrinkable, and any animals relying on the water source and fish living in the water will struggle to survive.

Fire Damage:

Hazardous waste can also be flammable. Here in the Abilene, Texas area, fires spread quick. It is difficult to get fires under control once they start. Fires can spread for miles, damaging property and homes in their wake. Don’t let your waste be the reason a fire starts.

It is far easier to dispose of hazardous waste properly than it is to clean up the mess it causes. Be sure to get in touch with our professionals at County Waste Service anytime you need assistance with environmental waste management. We proudly offer our services to those in Abilene, Albany, Snyder, Brownwood, Cisco, Cross Plains, Hamlin, Stamford, and Sweetwater, TX. No one expects their waste to be the reason for a catastrophic event, but accidents happen. Make sure they don’t happen to you by getting in touch with us for environmental waste management and hazardous waste disposal.


County Waste Service can provide cleanup and waste hauling for oilfields, solar farms, and wind farms. Our local company is proud to serve businesses throughout Abilene, TX; Albany, TX; Snyder, TX; Brownwood, TX; Cisco, TX; Cross Plains, TX; Hamlin, TX; Stamford, TX; and Sweetwater, TX. Call or contact us today to schedule your waste-hauling service.

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