When it comes to our neighbors, we have grown up understanding that being neighborly is more than being friendly. For generations, as we have passed one another driving down the road, we have lifted a couple of fingers from the top of the steering wheel. Usually accompanied by a little head-tilt-back-greeting, this serves as our warm and welcoming way to signal, “howdy.” That kind of friendliness abounds around here.

We Celebrate that Neighborly Spirit

Why? Because celebrating it helps encourage it. And encouragement in such a positive direction is sure to help all of us get a little further down life’s road.

Who could know more about neighborliness than Mr. Rogers, the creator, and the face, of the PBS television series, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood? The recent hit movie A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood brought his story to millions who might not have pondered it otherwise.

So what did Mr. Rogers think? Here’s a quote that gets to the heart of it:

“The underlying message of The Neighborhood [Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood] is that if somebody cares about you, it’s possible that you’ll care about others,” Fred Rogers said. “‘You are special, and so is your neighbor.’ That part is essential – that you’re not the only special person in the world. The person you happen to be with at the moment is, too.”

Do you know someone who helps people in our community? Who goes above and beyond to be extra neighborly?

County Waste wants to recognize these local heroes.

West Texas is built of people working together to create a community of families and a family of community. When it comes to people helping others and making a difference, there’s always someone special who makes that extra effort.

Neighborliness is caring. And caring begins with deciding that your fellow human being is special.

neighborly is caring and helping

So let’s celebrate “special.”

If you know someone in your community who is special and making a difference, let us know. The work can be a formal program or a personal endeavor. It can involve helping people, empowering others in the community, or even preserving the environment.

What we are looking for at County Waste is that person who does something a little out-of-the-ordinary. West Texans are known for chipping in when times are tough. And it’s nice to be able to pat someone on the back, tell him “well done,” and thank him for showing us all how to be.

I bet you know someone who has been extra neighborly. Someone who has helped some folks who were down on their luck. This person never even thought twice when it came time to be a little extra generous. It’s like they live to be thoughtful and hospitable and to reach out to help carry someone else’s load.

Once a quarter CWS will feature someone in our Neighbor to Neighbor newsletter who fits the bill. Help us recognize a local hero. Email a brief description of the person and the work they do to help others and our community. Please include your name and contact information. We’ll highlight select nominees in a future CWS newsletter of that one special person who just always seems to be a little extra neighborly.


  • What is the Neighbor to Neighbor program?
    This is a program designed to identify the extraordinary individuals who are making a positive difference in our local communities.
  • How do I nominate someone?
    Fill out the form below. Name the person and describe the work he or she does in a few sentences. Please explain the benefit of this work to the community.
  • How soon will the nominations be evaluated?
    This is an ongoing program. When we see a Neighbor to Neighbor nominee whose success needs to be shared, we’ll prepare a story for publication.
  • How will we know who has been chosen?
    Once a quarter, the honorees will be mentioned in the County Waste Service newsletter, and we’ll reward their special spirit with a gift card* redeemable at a local business.
  • * What is this quarter’s gift card?
    The winner will receive a $50 gift card to Copper Creek Restaurant.


Nominate Someone Who is Extra Neighborly



If they are the winner, we will send them a certificate.
If you would like to include a photo of them, please upload it here. Allowed file formats: .jpg, .png, and .gif. File should not be more than 2 megabytes in size.
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