Side-Load Vs Roll-Off Dumpsters

Dumpsters are excellent for holding large volumes of trash or recycling. They are used to get rid of many things such as cardboard, paper, furniture, construction debris, and much more. You can rent them if you are a residential or commercial customer. Dumpsters come in a variety of sizes to meet any need. Everyone has seen dumpsters and their varieties, but few know the nuances of them. We are here to explain the difference between the two most common types: roll-off and side-load dumpsters.

There are many key differences between the two. Namely, the way you put your trash or recycling into the receptacle. Side-load containers work by you putting your trash through a lid that covers the front portion of the dumpster. For roll-off dumpsters, you must throw the trash over the top of the dumpster. Another key difference is their intended uses. For roll-off dumpsters, they are typically used for construction debris, yard waste, junk removal, and event waste. Side-load containers are used for retail, restaurants, and office trash. Finally, roll-off dumpsters are rented for short periods of time while side-load ones are generally long-term.

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