Texas childhood. Hot summer days and balmy evenings. Relaxed neighborhoods with grandparents, aunts, and uncles living right down the road. Back then, we dug up our own fishing bait. We played outside until dark thirty – baseball, freeze tag, Mother May I, and Red Rover. We rode scooters, and bikes, and 4-wheelers, and horses… having fun and getting dirty. Growing up was filled with good times and good memories.

And in contrast, cleanliness really was next to Godliness. So we also cleaned up our clothes (and mouths) in time for church every Sunday. If you ever had a dog named after a football coach or ate venison on a regular basis, chances are you were raised somewhere in West Texas. Southern parents, and grandparents, are tough, protective, and love to give guidance and advice. (SO much advice!) And like any good Texan, you probably plan to raise your kids following the exact same Commandments…

…the Commandments of Southern Parenting, Texas style, that is. And if we were anything but Texan, this list would be limited to 10. But did we mention that everything’s bigger in Texas? So we give to you the “16 Commandments of Texas Parenting.”

The 16 Commandments of Texas Parenting

father and son sit on back of suburban eating a sandwich.
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