Terms of Service

In order to provide our customers with the best quality of service, we ask you to take a moment to review the following Terms of Service. It is the customer’s responsibility to be familiar with our service guidelines throughout our service agreement. Please contact us with any questions.


We have two containers to choose from. (1) A 95 Gallon Poly Cart Trash Can and (2) a 1.5 Cubic yard metal dumpster. It is the customer assumes full responsibility of the container(s) and the container(s) are subject to replacement fees if they become damaged, defaced, stolen etc.


It is the customer’s responsibility to have your container out on the day of your weekly service. It should be out by 6:00 a.m. and placed no more than 2’ from the roads edge. The container(s) must be placed 20’ from any obstacles on all sides and 5’ from the rear. Tree limbs placed outside of container must be bundled or they will not be picked up. DO NOT PLACE Tires, car batteries, A/C units, concrete, sand/dirt, Hazardous Material, dead animals, etc. Poly cans should not exceed 125 pounds.


Our service starts at $25.00 per month ($25 for the first poly cart/ $15 a month for each additional poly cart) and $47.50 for a 1.5 cubic yard metal container. Price of service may change depending on location. Statements leave our office on the 10th of the month. Service is paid for in advance. For Example, a bill for May’s service will go out on the 10th of April. There are 3 billing options to choose from: (1) Monthly billing, (2) Quarterly Billing and (3) Yearly Billing. This term will be agreed upon when the service is set up. There are several easy payment options to choose from. (a) Electronic Bank Draft, (b) Cash or Check by Mail and (c) Pay on the website with Credit or Debit card. The Service remains locked in at $25.00 as long as the customer’s account is current. Payment terms are subject to change if the customer misses a payment and becomes behind. County Waste Service maintains the right to change the service terms to the following: Option 1: $25.00 per month/$15.00 for each additional (Yearly billing option), Option 2: $27.50 per month/ $17.50 for each additional (Quarterly billing option), Option 3: $30.00 per month/ $20.00 for each additional (Monthly billing option). A customer must notify County Waste Service with request to cancel service by the 10th day of the month prior to the billing schedule. No refunds.


County Waste Service reserves the right to terminate a customer’s account at any time. Cancellation of service by the customer must be requested by the 10th day of the month prior to your billing schedule. No refunds.


There will always be times when the wonderful West Texas weather may prevent us from completing our service schedules. In the event of inclement weather, your service could be delayed until the conditions are safe for service to resume.


While we take every precaution and step to maintain our equipment, an unforeseeable maintenance issue may arrise. In the unlikely event of a mechanical issue with our equipment service will be posponed to the next day following the repairs.


If your regular day of service falls on or after a weekday holiday, your service will be delayed one day for that week only. (Tuesday’s pickup will be delayed until Wednesday etc.) - New Years, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day


If you damage the poly can a charge of $90 will be added to your bill to cover the cost of the can.